Embarking on your scuba diving journey can be exciting and daunting at the same time. By watching hundreds of people begin their Open water adventure and emerge from their first dive barely containing their excitement, I can hopefully give you some tips to make the most out of this experience and pass with flying colours.

1. Pre course practice

It helps to be comfortable in the water before your course, and practice helps with that. Before embarking on your course practice swimming with a mask and fins, also practice removing your mask. Have a go at opening your eyes underwater. During your course, you will have to be underwater for 1 minute without a mask on. The more comfortable you are with having your eyes open underwater, the more unnecessary stress you will save yourself during the course.


2. Relax

Diving as a hobby is one of pure zen. It’s a truly mindful experience, and purposefully relaxing and going slow makes every dive a pure joy. But this takes time. Many beginners face anxiety when they begin learning how to scuba dive. It’s absolutely normal but if you are actively calm and relaxed underwater, you will definitely notice a world of difference, and you will reach your goal quicker


3. Pay Attention

Listen and watch closely when your instructor is demonstrating something. If you wish to be an expert, pay attention to the details when the experts talk and demonstrate. Everything taught in the open water videos are there for your safety, understanding the ins and outs of diving makes your experience underwater that much more pleasant.


4. Feel Free to Ask Questions

Do not be afraid to ask questions until you fully understand the skill chapter. The same holds true for demonstrations. If you want the instructor to repeat something, just ask him or her to do so.


5. Keep Diving

The Open Water Diver course will help you obtain the basic skills to be able to dive with a buddy. But remember that practice makes perfect. The more you dive the more you learn. Join a diving community online or ask your dive center for their next fun dives. Read blogs and watch videos by experts. The PADI scuba course in Hawaii will open a gateway to the most wonderful diving experiences for you!



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