Bandar Al Khairan

Bandar Al Khairan is the perfect diving site for anyone on a short trip to Muscat. With 22 unique diving locations, the place has some of the most colourful corals and diverse fish species. The first dive site, Al-Munassir, is a shipwreck that is bursting with marine life. 30 meters deep, the wreck is slowely becoming an ideal home for corals and other marine life to flourish and enrich the biodiversity of the area.

The place is not just restricted to divers; it is also a popular spot to watch dolphins. Mermaid Cove is another famous diving site on the island that is a rocky bay. Hard colorful corals are easily spotted at this scuba diving site and it offers great underwater visibility. The final diving site on the island is the Seahorse Bay.

Duration: 30 min boat ride
Visibility: 5-20 meters
What can you see: Moray eels, Anemone shrimps and Clownfish,.