Your dive buddy is your lifeline underwater. They can me a second set of eyes and support if anything goes wrong. But there are occasions where you might lose sight of each other. Say if you get separated during a dive with low visibility, or if you are focused on your compass only to look up and realize that your buddy swam in the other direction. What should you do if you’re separated from your diving
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We’re all stuck home now due to this epidemic, and yes it sucks, but it isn’t all bad. Take this opportunity to pick up new skills, or finally start reading that book you kept postponing for different reasons or simply expand your knowledge from the comfort of your home.. Online courses are the limelight. Take a Dive Course! Special 25% off eLearning with PADI Social Distancing and Quarantine won’t last forever! Make sure you’re ready
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Swimmers, divers and casual beach goers are advised to watch out for jellyfish when they venture into the sea. As the temperature rises and the water along Oman’s coastline gets warmer, Jellyfish numbers increase. See the prolonged onshore winds drive the jellyfish shore wards. Some sting but many don’t. These passed few year though, there has been sightings of the more dangerous verity. They are rare, but do occur here in Oman primarily between the
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  You have just completed your open water course and now you are a certified diver. For a new diver, buying scuba gear is the final step, but if you’re newly certified, how are you supposed to know what scuba gear to buy? Fear not! We’re here to help. At the start you will want to buy scuba gear that is cheap, easy to pack and makes a big difference to your dive (rental gear
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  Embarking on your scuba diving journey can be exciting and daunting at the same time. By watching hundreds of people begin their Open water adventure and emerge from their first dive barely containing their excitement, I can hopefully give you some tips to make the most out of this experience and pass with flying colours. 1. Pre course practice It helps to be comfortable in the water before your course, and practice helps with
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