Daymaniyat Island

One of the most popular sites in the sultanate and UNESCO protected marine reserve, Damaniyat Islands have been registered as a sanctuary since 1984. It falls under the coral reef protection project and is an internationally recognised natural sanctuary. Comprising nine different islands, the picturesque islands are popular with citizens and tourists alike. The white shining sands of the beach and pristine waters make the place look like a work of art. With turtles laying eggs and migratory birds making stop, the place offers visitors a unique experience with nature.

Divers can expect to encounter a new species every time they take the plunge. Hiyout is the ideal diving location here, as it is covered by corals and is bursting with different marine lives. The depth here is between 25m and 28m. You need a permit to visit the place or dive here. Aura Divers conducts daily diving and snorkeling tours that’s fully inclusive that takes the hassle away from permits and logistics.

Duration: 30 min boat ride
Visibility: 20-30 meters

What can you see: Whale sharks, humpback (from June – November), Moray eels, Honeycomb eels, feather tail rays, Manta rays, Leatherback sea turtles are very easy to spot during the hatching season (July to August), giant kingfish, and clownfish.