Fahal Island

Also known as the Shark Island, Al Fahal is considered one of the most important geological and biological sanctuaries in the world.  It is a great site for snorkeling and scuba diving both and it is a must-go place for anyone who is visiting Muscat and wants to have a quick dive in the Arabian ocean.

It is composed mostly of around 55 million years old Eocene limestone and marl. This limestone was originally part of the sea floor. The underwater world of Al Fahal Island contains soft and hard corals with schools of colorful fishes that swim in and around the corals making a pleasant site for the divers. The advanced deep-sea divers can opt for an adventurous wreck dive at Al Fahal Island. A tugboat wreck can be found at 30 meters below sea level on the northern side of the island. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, a 40 meters dive can take you to the deep reefs.

Duration: 45 min
Visibility:10-30 meters
What will you see: Black tip reef shark, Moray eel, Scorpion fish, Boxfish, Barracuda, Clownfish, Rays.

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