We’re all stuck home now due to the pandemic, and yes it sucks, but it isn’t all bad. Take this opportunity to pick up new skills, or finally start reading that book you kept postponing for different reasons or simply expand your knowledge from the comfort of your home.. Online courses are the limelight.

Take a Dive Course! Special 25% off eLearning with PADI

Social Distancing and Quarantine won’t last forever! Make sure you’re ready to dive into your next adventure by starting your PADI eLearning today. You can start the course in the comfort of your own home, get all the theory out of the way, so you only have the fun stuff (aka diving) left to do when this nightmare is over.This way you are ready to go diving with us as soon as the COVID-19 crisis is behind us. Moreover Aura Divers is offering a 25% discount on your elearning! (valid until April 30th 2020)

Is It Worth It?

100% yes, every student who’s completed the elearning before arrival has been glad they’ve done so. Learning to dive in three days is no mean feat and by getting a huge chunk of the course out of the way before arrival frees a lot of time and makes the pool session much more relaxed and fun, there’s simply no need to rush.

How Do I Sign Up?

That’s fairly straight forward, Click the button below to start your adventure and get a 25% discount off eLearning (valid until April 30th 2020), or simply click on this link to redirect you to the PADI website. The registration is a simple process and you’ll be ready to start learning in minutes. Otherwise you can contact us at Aura Divers and we will send you a link to get started. There’s simple instructions for every step and if you get a little confused , contact us at Aura Divers for help.